Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beginning of summer break.....

Hi all - well school's out and summertime is officially upon us. For my gang that means hanging out at the pool, vacation Bible schools, trips to go visit family, and the sounds of "I'm bored" ringing in my ears.

Things are actually off to a pretty good start. So far things have been eventful. We've said good-bye to our friends, the Minniears, who have moved to Indiana (who knows why when they had paradise right here in beautiful NC), we've been to an extended family reunion in Roanoke Rapids, NC for Rob's grandmother and spent Father's Day in Rocky Mount with my family.

Coming up in the near future: Rob is on vacation next week and we'll be spending some of that time in Tennessee with our friends the Wagler's (their youngest daughter Lorin is Gracie's best friend) and then head over to Hampstead, NC to see Brent & Carolyn (Rob's dad & step-mom). I can't wait - days on the lake or the beach. Sounds like fun.

I can't forget to mention that someone in our family turns 36 on the 30th of this month. That's right - I'm on the downward slide to 40. Ugh! Let me not dwell on that too much - I'll get depressed.

Coming up in July is the eagerly anticipated wedding of Tori & Jeremy. On July 21st little Tori will be getting hitched to a wonderful guy. Hopefully all will go smoothly & pray that she will show some restraint with the future mother-in-law.

Well - that's enough for now. Hope everyone is having a safe & wonderful summer.
More later,