Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blow out those candles.


It's that time of year again - one year older and hopefully wiser.

It's been great so far - nothing fancy...hubby's working, son's away at baseball camp so G & I have just been hanging out and piddling around the house.  We'll probably get with Daddy and go out to eat tonight.

Hope your summer's going well - it sure is going by quickly
(sort of like those birthdays I keep having).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

America's Favorite Pastime

Man, has it been HOT here in South Carolina!

With all of this heat and humidity, you'd think we'd find a nice cool air conditioned place to spend our evenings - but you'd be wrong. 

Each and every evening we've been sweating & swealtering while our little slugger plays his heart out in our District Tournament.

Last night was the night - the District title was on the line and we had to play a team that had defeated our boys once before with all old (with a little help from some bad umps & stacking their team with older players, I might add) - but our boys didn't give up and knew that they were good enough to win. 

They played their hearts out and at one point earned 11 runs in one inning.  Things were looking good until the other team hit a grand slam to even up the score at 13.

It stayed this way through the sixth inning so we had to go into extra innings.  We came up to bat with no runs, then they came up to bat and the boys refused to let them score.  We headed back up to the plate in the eighth inning and remained tied.  It eventually came time for the other team to hit again and they managed to get one runner on base.  Then the coaches switched batters and darn if that kid didn't get a base hit that allowed the runner to score.......

Game Over!  Score 14-13 (we lose).

What a wonderful baseball game it was and the boys were just thrilled that they had icy's waiting for them in the dugout.  They really kept great attitudes throughout the whole tournament and we couldn't be prouder.

They won't focus on this game for too long because they did qualify for the SC State Tournament that takes place in July so it's onto the practice field between now & then.

Here are a few pictures of my Dixie Youth baseball player and some of this week's fun.

Can't wait to head to State in July!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gymnastics Camp 2010

Wow! Time sure is flying by.

I can't believe we're on the downward slide of June and I've only posted 1 time.

What in the world?!?

I guess we've been too busy living life to blog about it - I'll try to do better.

Well, last week we were busy with gymnastics camp.  Olympia Gymnastics Camp, which is run by Olympic Champion Svetlana Boginskaya, comes to our home gym every year.  All of the girls just love it and she usually brings another Olympian with her and this year it was Chellsie Memmel.  She was so nice to all of the girls and they had a great time.

Here are some pictures from the last day when they put on their show.

Sorry I couldn't get the video of the routine to load - it was really cute.
She got to work with the Level 6's this week and was so excited.  She's on Level 5, actually, but is trying really hard to convince her coaches to move her up - they'll make their decision in August.

Here's Chellsie Memmel giving G her certificate and below is Svetlana and her wonderful team of coaches.

G added a lot of new skills - this week she accomplished:
double back handsprings on beam
fly aways
front tuck off the beam
switch leap on beam

Thanks OGC for a great week!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Love this time of year

This is our second June in this house and I've learned that my yard loves this time of year.

Take a peak at why......

Let me just tell you - this red lilly is a trooper. Daddy didn't realize at first that it was on it's way to becoming a beautiful flower - he just thought the big green stalk was a weed........and sprayed it!!!
After we had a little discussion - I think he will remember in the future.

Now, these are a few that I've added since we've been here. 
 I think they like it here, too.

I wish you could see these in person.  This one is huge.

This is just a few of the flowers that are blooming right now. 
Hopefully you have some pretty color around you as we head into the dog-days of summer.