Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a little Fallish around here.

If you've been surfing around in blogland, you've obviously seen everybody's beautifully decorated "Fall Homes".
I love browsing and getting tons of new ideas (that I don't have time to implement in our home). Let's face it - if I tried everything I've seen that I just love, I might have my fall projects completed by Christmas.  So, while I don't have any major projects that I've done or any outstanding decorations, it is finally looking & feeling a little like Fall around here now. 

As long as our home is warm and inviting, I'm a happy girl.

It's even starting to look a little like Fall outside - do you see those few leaves on the ground?

I've still got to get my mums and pumpkins for the front porch but the mums I planted last year are blooming.
So pretty - I love the color.

Hope you're having a good week & not getting washed away in all of the rain that's been around lately.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I've been baking

When the cooler weather starts to blow in, I get this urge to head to the kitchen.  I just love cooking and baking and Fall is one of my favorite seasons to do it.

The other day I found myself at home long enough to whip up a delicious peach cobbler.  I used a recipe I found from Paula Deen (I just love her) and it turned out great. 

Yum!  It was so good.

We've also been doing a lot of this:'s as American as apple pie peach cobbler!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Misc. Friday Ramblings

Hope this post finds you and your family doing well.

We're good and busy - but isn't everyone.  Every weekend on our calendar is booked up through the first part of October.  I get tired just thinking about it but it's full of fun stuff so I guess it's worth it.

The temperatures have started to fall a little bit here in the Upstate of SC.  The mornings and nights are cooler and I'm loving it.  It does still warm up during the daytime but at least the humidity is at a bearable level now.  I've actually been able to bring out a couple of my Fall items to get me more in the mood.
My throw for the porch and a couple of scented candles. 

I need the blanket when I'm out on the porch looking at this:

so beautiful.

The apple orchards up in the mountains of NC are open now and are getting pretty busy.  We haven't been able to drive up to pick yet but I did stop by the fruit stand down the street and get some already picked.  Can't wait to start baking.

I picked up a few of these beauties too.

That's about all from around here.  Hope you have a great weekend - we're spending most of ours at baseball tournaments.  Leave me a note & let us know your weekend plans.