Friday, February 26, 2010

Birds & A Small Change

Since I've put the bird feeder up, we've been doing a little bird watching while doing school at the kitchen table.  (Just one of the advantages of homeschooling.)

Here are a few of our visitors from the other day.

I hope they don't all decide to come for a snack. 

Surprise visitor - I think my daughter got a hold of my camera.

The mojo is slowly returning.  My coffee table went from this:
(just keeping it real)

to this: 

Hopefully I can make a few more changes around here soon. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mojo - where did you go?

Are you waiting out the winter on some tropical island?

Are you hiding in the bottom of a vitamin bottle?

Maybe you're in hibernation.

Maybe you've just hunkered down under the covers til the sun decides to stay for a while.

Not sure where you've gone but you're sorely missed.

I have painting I want to do and rearranging, organizing, and fluffing, too.

Mojo, please find your way back to me - my days are lonely and cluttered without you here.

Have you lost your mojo too?  Hope not - it's no fun trying to get it back.

My hubby says it just sounds like I'm close to turning 39 - great answer, honey. Thanks for the input.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feeling Beachy

Since it's the middle of February, I decided to do a little beachy house tour.

This is the beach home of a local family that was featured in our Greenville Talk magazine.

Let's take a look around.......

Simply beautiful.

Now, I'm ready for a vacation.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



And we wonder why our country's in such a mess?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's a great day to be a kid or a dog.

When you're a kid, one of the best sights in the world to see is a yard full of snow.

Clean, white, fluffy snow.  Not that icy stuff we've been getting here in the Upstate of SC.

Well, it became a reality for a lot of children yesterday and I have to admit that even though I was fighting it with all my is pretty.

Thanks to basketball games and baseball evaluations being cancelled, this is what the kids have been doing all day.

The boys built their fort for the snowball fight.  It got pretty intense for a while but they had so much fun.

Chase loves the snow and stayed outside for hours watching the kids and playing soccer.

Now, this is what mom is left with.

What a great day to be a mom.  Cookies and hot chocolate are now being enjoyed by all.

Oh, I almost forgot to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
(I'm not a huge fan but I'm not a Valentine's Scrooge either, so enjoy.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Result: Fail

Many of you may have heard of a wonderful company of products called Burt's Bees.

We absolutely love these all natural products that just happened to be made by a company in our home state of North Carolina.

Well, last fall I discovered that they have a lip balm that has color in it.  I was sold instantly - my lips won't chap and will have a beautiful tint to them without using a heavy lipstick or gloss.

I decided to buy it immediately.

Loved it.  Used it all the time.

After a few days, I started to notice that my lips were starting to get this tingly feeling & feeling a little puffy and sore in some spots.  (nice description, I know).

At the time, we had a lot going on family wise. My step-father had passed away & we were at my mom's house and with everything going on, I didn't put two & two together and realize that my favorite new product was causing an allergic reaction.


Once I finally figured it out - I was in complete denial.  It can't be - I love this stuff.

So....I had to eventually cave in and stop using the product but every time I'd pass it in the stores, I'd be a little sad.

In the meantime, while I was still in the dark, I had also picked up another one of their products.  It's a little glossier but still wonderful. 
Fast forward to last week.  I was passing their cute little display and stopped to linger.  I can't possibly be allergic to their lip shimmer, I thought.  It must have been something else - maybe stress, or the moon, or something other than this lip balm.  I'll give it another try - my husband at this point is rolling his eyes and chuckling at my state of denial. 

So, I bought another tube.  Ahh, I do love this stuff, I thought as I put it on.  

A few hours later - uh, oh!

My lips failed the test.

I must, indeed, be allergic.  I almost cried tears of sadness - almost.  Then I remembered that I still have their Super Shiny lip gloss waiting for me at home.

I highly recommend that you try your own test & if you pass....I'll try not to be jealous.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Misc. stuff

I don't have a lot to say - that's why I haven't posted in a few days.  

We've been busy. 

Gymnastics meets (which I can't post pictures of because the laptop with the photos has decided to be fickle).
She did well and came in 3rd all around - at both. 

Basketball games (which I won't post pictures of because I've already done that)

Before mentioned computer problems.  It started out as an internet connection issue (I think) and we've been on limited connectivity for about a week.  Internet repair man came today.  Out of three computers, two were working when he arrived.  Only one was working when he left.

I was not sad to see "Willy" leave.  He didn't really know what he was doing and his accent was hard for me to understand but I didn't have any problem understanding - "I don't know what the problem is or how to fix it."  (said with Quatemalen flair).

It took a woman from the Philippines to fix at least one of the laptops for me while on the phone.
(She didn't even have to come to my house, stay for two hours & then tell me she couldn't fix the problem.)
Bless her.

They're calling for more snow/ice wintery mix crud tonight.  This could be part of the reason I'm so blah.

I have to go to the grocery store for something e.v.e.r.y. day.  I'm tired of being at the grocery store. 

That's about it for now - hope your week is going a little better than mine but in the grand scheme of things - we're doing Great!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Superbowl Sunday Plans

So, are you a football family or couldn't you care less about Sunday night's game?

We, most definitely are a football family.

We (the boys) usually watch games every Sunday during the regular season and anticipate the "big" game for weeks.

So, are you wondering what our plans are for Superbowl Sunday?

You think we have a party planned with lots of good appetizers, snacks and lots of friends over to watch while Peyton & Drew battle it out?

I wish!

The truth is, we will be at our daughter's gymnastics meet that Sunday night.

You read correctly - a gymnastics meet on Superbowl Sunday - who comes up with that?

Daddy is less than trilled.

This will be just one of many things we do to support those we love so much.

So, what are your plans for Superbowl Sunday and who are you pulling for?

Peyton Manning and his Indianapolis Colts?

or Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints?

I have to admit that I like both of these teams, but I think I have to pull for my man, Peyton.  He's just the best.  You can see why I like the Saints here.

Hope you have a good weekend planned.  I think I heard the mention of more wintery weather for our area but I'm choosing to ignore it while I search online for a new home in a warmer climate.

Enjoy your Superbowl Sunday, no matter what you're doing.