Friday, January 4, 2008

January's off to a busy start.

Brayden's got braces......

So far we've spent the first week of 2008 touring various doctor's offices. Don't worry - no one is sick. It was time for Brayden to get his teeth fixed (which he was thrilled about for some reason) and we had to get Gracie's eyes checked. In a routine evaluation at school the nurse noticed that she may have some vision problems. We went yesterday to the eye doctor (against Gracie's wishes mind you) and she was evaluated. The verdict was that she does have an astigmatism in her left eye but he didn't think it was bad enough right now to warrant freaking her out completely by putting her in glasses. We do need to keep a check on it and will probably have to correct it in the future (with contacts according to her).

Well, that's what we've been up to this week. Three cheers for the fact that school is back in session. The kids were really getting bored (with me & with each other). Basketball games start next week and Gracie's cheerleading gets underway (photos to follow).
Better run - lots of cleaning to do & clothes to wash,
Take care everyone,

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