Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Canine Art

We are definitely animal lovers in this house.

If my husband (and dog) would let me, I'd have as many as possible. As it stands now, we only have one dog, a 7 year old border collie named Chase and a 15 year old cat, Murphy.

Earlier today, as I was browsing around one of my favorite sites, Southern Living, I found this great artwork by some very talented people.
Check it out:

Artist: Amelie Marchesseau

Artist: Amelie Marchesseau

This one is one of my favorites. It looks so real and reminds me of the black lab we used to have named Kentucky. Oh, how I miss that dog. The artist uses a technique called portrait fusion.

Artist: Matthew Donovan

This last one wasn't in Southern Living but it's a watercolor that I like.

Artist: Marley Ungaro

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful works of art and if you have a pampered pooch that deserves the honored spot above the fireplace for their portrait, just click on the artist's name under each picture and it should link you to their site.


Darlene said...

Those are beautiful doggie pictures!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Love those pictures I will have to check that out! Thanks, girl

Jodie said...

Well you know I love dogs!! Lovely paintings.

Michelle said...

Love those...the one of the black lab is beautiful!

Shannon said...

I'm not an animal person but those pictures are beautiful! I love the black lab!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Omigosh how cute! We have a black lab and I of course love that one. cherry

Sandy Toes said...

I love that last page!
-sandy toe

Sandy Toes said...

oops..I mean picture not page...I am tired..sorry!
-sandy toe