Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Kick-off Time

I'm so excited! College football time is finally here.

We're a family divided.

My hubby and son are big NC State University fans.


I'm a huge University of North Carolina fan.


I went to East Carolina University so of course I want them to beat Appalacian State this weekend....bad.

Even though we all cheer for different teams for different reasons, we just love watching no matter who's playing.
If you love football, I hope you enjoy this kick-off weekend and if you're lucky enough to actually get to attend a game....I'm jealous - we live too far away to get to ours.
I'd love to know who you're cheering for &
have a great Labor Day weekend!


Shannon said...

I will be cheering for the Hogs this weekend! Cody is going to the game but I'm not. I like to go to the cold ones later in the season. :)

wendy said...

We've never followed college ball much (our college wasn't a football powerhouse) but The Boy's jamboree is next weekend and we can't wait! :)

Darlene said...

We don't really watch College football. Hope y'all have fun rooting on your teams!!

Jodie said...

We're Ohio State fans! Go Buckeyes!! Of course since we live in Indiana, we root for IU and Purdue when we can catch a game.