Thursday, October 8, 2009

Please Help!

Hello fellow decorating obsessed ladies (and gentlemen).
I'm in desperate need of your opinions.
My very expressive eight year old daughter has decided to change her room decor. That's not the problem.
She has picked out zebra & purple for her colors - that's the problem.

The bedding actually looks rather cute, however I'm having a very difficult time trying to decide on a paint color.

As you can see, the paint is now a pinkish beige that the realtor had the WHOLE house painted while it was on the market.

Please give us some advice on this major decision so we can get the room done.
(I should also tell you that G thinks EVERYTHING is supposed to be purple...or zebra.)

Oh, and one more thing I need you to chime in about - what about the furniture....white or black?

Thanks for your help!!


Darlene said...

Hi Duchess,

LOVE her room!!! So CUTE! You might remember we did Lexi's room in zebra w/hot pink. Her wall color is called Straw Hat and we love it. It is kind of a creamy light yellow/tannish color. If you want to see her room you can go back to my post on August 28,08 where we showed it. We used all black furniture with it and she still LOVES it and so do all of her friends! Hope this helps a bit.♥

Rae said...

What fun! I think going with a gray/silverish color on the walls would really help tie the zebra with the purple. If you are serious about painting the furniture I would definitely suggest black. I think white would look too glaring. Good luck and have fun!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Ok. {If only I had a daughter! We would go crazy decorating together...instead, it's trucks, and airplanes, and football...}
I would paint the walls a shade of gray, (lite to medium in color-like silver) then you can also think adding that color in some of the accessories-in a silvery tone-her lighting (silver chandilier at IKEA) and clock in silver...make the walls and accessories silver, gray...
and the bed, and furniture BLACK-very cool!
Show pictures...and if you use my ideas-take all the credit! :)

wendy said...

Very cute bedding! I think I'd go with an opposite color for the walls...??

Shannon said...

Fun! I would definitely go black on the bed but as for the wall color......thats a hard one. My first thought was a tan color. Like a mocha color but seeing everyone else say gray that sounds good too!

duchess said...

Thanks, Ladies. Keep those ideas coming. We're having fun checking out all the options.

im gracie, thanks for helping me keep thinking.

(So cute.)

Mrs. G said...

Cute room. No help here on the color for your daughters cute room. Thanks for stopping by today. I'm looking forward to seeing the parade this year!

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay @ Not2Us said...

Sorry! That deleted comment was mine. Several typos! :)

Black furniture. Lime green on the walls. :)

emily said...

Thanks for your advice on my living room!

Okay, for the furniture, I would also say paint it black. I love black furniture.

For the walls...I've got my Sherwin Williams color wheel out and holding it up to my screen :) not very effective, let me just tell you.

I suppose a silvery-gray is good in theory..but i don't see anything on the color wheel that would fit that. Not that it doesn't exist but still.

You could always stripe it...? Paint the whole wall a gray (maybe Repose Gray from SW???) in a satin finish. Then, go back and paint stripes in the same color but with a different finish--like a semi-gloss. That way it creates interest but doesn't draw away from all the color and pattern going on in the room.

Just an idea...good luck!

Rambling Girl said...

Hello...just happened to cross your path adn thought I would say hello! Love the new bed covers...I agree with the others...the silver/grey sounds like a cute color to go with the zebra...please share pics later.

Diana said...

Oh my! Tell that precious little girl she has great taste!!

I'll make no suggestions because you have already gotten some great ones, but I can't wait to see how it turns out!!