Wednesday, June 23, 2010

America's Favorite Pastime

Man, has it been HOT here in South Carolina!

With all of this heat and humidity, you'd think we'd find a nice cool air conditioned place to spend our evenings - but you'd be wrong. 

Each and every evening we've been sweating & swealtering while our little slugger plays his heart out in our District Tournament.

Last night was the night - the District title was on the line and we had to play a team that had defeated our boys once before with all old (with a little help from some bad umps & stacking their team with older players, I might add) - but our boys didn't give up and knew that they were good enough to win. 

They played their hearts out and at one point earned 11 runs in one inning.  Things were looking good until the other team hit a grand slam to even up the score at 13.

It stayed this way through the sixth inning so we had to go into extra innings.  We came up to bat with no runs, then they came up to bat and the boys refused to let them score.  We headed back up to the plate in the eighth inning and remained tied.  It eventually came time for the other team to hit again and they managed to get one runner on base.  Then the coaches switched batters and darn if that kid didn't get a base hit that allowed the runner to score.......

Game Over!  Score 14-13 (we lose).

What a wonderful baseball game it was and the boys were just thrilled that they had icy's waiting for them in the dugout.  They really kept great attitudes throughout the whole tournament and we couldn't be prouder.

They won't focus on this game for too long because they did qualify for the SC State Tournament that takes place in July so it's onto the practice field between now & then.

Here are a few pictures of my Dixie Youth baseball player and some of this week's fun.

Can't wait to head to State in July!


wendy said...

congrats on a game well played!

Shell in your Pocket said... fun...but I am sure it is hot-

sandy toe

Jodie said...

Way to battle it out B and team. Love the tent idea for the parents to get some shade and the icy's in the dugout!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Yeah!!! I know how you feel with the heat. We are feeling it down here too. Thank goodness my kids dont play outside sports during the summer. Hang in there Momma! Good luck at state!

Ashley said...

Nice job!!!! Tell me about the heat, at least here in Phoenix it a dry heat LOL! Good luck at State!