Friday, February 29, 2008

One of my favorites.

I was browsing around in cyberspace today and somehow stumbled upon this wonderful blog. It is by a woman who has four children and is into photography. Not quite sure where she lives but she uses a lot of English (as in England) expressions, such as: nappie and Mummy. She sounds pretty ordinary so far but the thing that makes this blog so special is that a little over a year ago she lost one of her daughters. Her oldest daughter, Ava, died at four years old. I'm not sure of the circumstances - I haven't been able to read that far back yet but she documents her struggles with daily life and struggling to go on while living with a broken heart.

One of her quotes from the blog touched me so I wrote it down to share with you. It is so true. Please take it to heart and never take one day for granted.

"Live each day, every single day, with the understanding that one does not necessarily lead into the other. Hug you family. Tight. Put aside What Does Not Matter. Tomorrow could be a completely new kind of normal." -Sheye Rosemeyer

Take some time to check out her blog. Be sure to do it when you have plenty of time to sit & read. Grab a cup of coffee and a box of kleenex and enjoy getting to know her family and looking at the beautiful photos she has included.

take care,

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