Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Presidential Race

I've really been paying attention to the political scene lately (as I hope you have also) and I must say that I was a little saddened yesterday when Mike Huckabee had to withdraw from the race. The primaries haven't even made it to NC yet! He would have had our votes for sure. Now we must focus on the only nominee that remains in the race that has a strong moral foundation and family values. Let's all consider how important this election is and rally behind John McCain to help prevent our country from heading down the socialist path to government control.

If you're not sure who to vote for yet please give it lots of consideration and do your own research - don't just listen to the blurbs that the media wants you to hear. Don't let the liberal media choose the next President. This is still America and we can still make a difference.

Ok - I'm off my soap box,
till later,

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