Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Neither One


We didn't end up using either of the colors that I teased you with last week.

They both turned out a little too "green" on our walls than I actually wanted, so we ended up choosing......

Cliveden Sandstone from Lowe's.

It's on their Historical Colors list and I've been real pleased with the results.

Here are some Before/During pictures:

You can see the difference when they're together but overall it's a subtle change, but one that makes a huge difference in the overall feel of the rooms.
(The darker color is the new one, BTW.)

Here are a few afters:

Ok, on my computer screen it doesn't seem much different but trust me - it is!

I'll post more pictures once I've gotten my rooms back to normal.

Hope you're having a good week & enjoying this beautiful Spring weather.


Jodie said...

Looks good! I picked the dark color. Do I get a prize?

Darlene said...

It looks GREAT! Paint colors can make such a difference. It is always hard to show it "just right" in pictures.

Hope you are enjoying some beautiful Spring weather too.♥

Melissa Stover said...

it looks great! i hate picking paint colors. we are going to repaint the girls' room soon and i've got to start getting some samples and trying them out.