Friday, March 14, 2008

20 Things about me.....

I saw this idea on another blog so I thought I'd give it a shot. For my 20th post - 20 things about me. (If you already know these - tough!)

1. my middle name is lee
2. I hate housework
3. I'm contemplating homeschooling our children (prayers please)
4. I love college basketball (Go Heels)
5. I have two step sisters
6. I've never flown on a commercial flight
7. I'm the worst mom in the world. (quoted from yesterday's "discussion" with my son.)
8. I love reality TV
9. favorite color in clothing is black
10. would love to have a waterfront home
11. I'm the best mom in the world. (quoted from yesterday's "discussion" with my daughter.)
12. I went to ECU
13. I love Food Network
14. love to decorate (anything)
15. I want a convertible
16. I love music (all kinds)
17. I love to plan
18. have lived in Ky, SC & NC
19. I have the smartest border collie in the world
20. Finally, I'm addicted to blogging

Thanks for reading.
hope you're having a great day,


Preppy Mama said...

I am totally addicted to reality TV, black is my "signature" color and I an so jealous you have a Border Collie. I love them!!

Jennifer said...

Homeschool is a big decision. I know, I just made it with my husband around this time last year!

Betsy said...

I just happened upon your blog by clicking the "next blog" button at the top of the screen. I was homeschooled my whole life (except 2nd grade) and had a great experience with it. And I actually have some social skills! If you ever want the adult brain of a homeschooled kid to pick, feel free to email me!