Monday, March 31, 2008

Cold & Rainy Beginning

It's baseball season! One of my favorites of the sports seasons because the arrival of baseball means that spring & summer aren't far behind. We had opening day with our Optimist league this past weekend & the Royals won their first game 10-5. (Yes, I have to admit that my little leaguer did help with that score by getting a double along with making several outs at second base. - way to go Bray!)
The reason I'm not posting any pictures of this exciting game is because it was too cold to pull my hands out from under the blanket I was using to try to stay warm. Who knew we'd go from 80 degrees on Friday to 43 degrees on Saturday. I really am tired of winter! Today is not much better - it's a cold & rainy 50 degrees. We had another game scheduled for this evening but much to our dismay it was rained out. We'll get a chance to keep up our winning streak on Wed. night so stay tuned for those great action shots.
That's all for now - until later........."Play Ball".

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