Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mama was mad!

Don't 'cha just love summertime?
Beautiful weather.
Lovely children playing in the yard - laughing and skipping.
Ha! Sure.
Well, that's the way summertime is in my head.
In reality......the beautiful weather part is still there but the lovely children part - not so much.
A few days ago I had a house full of neighborhood children (which is not the problem - yet) but whenever you get the girls playing here at the same time the boys are playing here THAT becomes the problem.
Little girls get all "squealy" and the boys just have to aggrevate the situation.
Fast forward a little bit and here's the story.....
The girls had gone outside to play and talk secrets and my intelligent son came up with the idea to sneak up on them with the video portion of my camera and tape the girls.
Yea, can you see the problem with this?
Needless to say, this leads to lots of yelling and squealing and chasing through the yard.

As all of this was taking place, one of the little girls (not mine) decided it would be a good idea to TOSS my camera across the yard.

Yes, I said TOSS, THROW, CHUCK my cute little point and shoot across the yard.

Now, here comes my son trying to retrieve the camera from said girl - which then leads to more running & chasing.

Can you guess what happens next?

Any ideas?

Ok, I'll tell you......She falls down. With my favorite on the go camera in her cute little 10 year old hands.
Would you like to see the result of this little escapade?

Yep, she's dead.

She won't even turn on anymore.

She can't.

Her lens is all jammed and scraped up.

I don't think reconstructive surgery would help - she's a goner.

Did I mention that she was only 6 months old?

She was just getting started.

We had only truely gotten to know each other when she was robbed from me.

Let's just say - Mama was mad!


Darlene said...

Oh my GOSH, I would have been FURIOUS!!! Did you stay calm at all???

wendy said...

Oh no!! I'd have made all the kids pool their resources and buy me a new camera...but I'm a mean mommy! LOL! So sorry!

(Easy for me to say, though, because I don't have a cute point & shoot; I use The Boy's...and it's FABULOUS!) LOL!

Shannon said...

Ohhhhhhhhh! I would have been so mad too! :(

Michelle said...

Oh! I am so very sorry.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

oooh, I'd be mad too!! How horrible! And yes, I'm ready for the start of school too! :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Ohhhh somebodys gonna get it!!

Jodie said...

Ohhhhh, not good. So not good. Does said little girls mama know about this? I'm so sorry! I love my little purse sized P&S, it goes everywhere with me. I'll bow for a moment of silence now.

Windy said...

My 9 y/o has that same camera. She let my friends baby carry it around for a few minutes while it was still on and he fell and did the same thing to it. My hubby gently pushed and pulled on it until it did finally close up and it works great! Maybe this will work for you too, if not, it is worth just trying:)