Saturday, August 15, 2009

What we're doing this weekend.

When you leave town on a moment's notice and stay gone for a week....this is what you come back to.

A complete mess!

We've also got an important day on Monday - the First Day of School.

Needless to say, this Saturday is going to be spent getting our house back in order and re-adjusting lesson plans.

Should be a fun and productive day.

With everything going on around here lately, I've forgotten to mention that someone in our house went from this:

To this:

Look who's got glasses now. Isn't she too cute?

Ok, I've got to get busy. Hope your weekend is off to a great start.


southerninspiration said...

Here's to a productive weekend!!!
She IS so cute!


Sandy Toes said...

She looks so cute!!! Hope your weekend is super productive and full of organization fun~
sandy toe

wendy said...

She looks GREAT!! :) Super cute.

happy cleaning!

Anonymous said...

The glasses make her look even more adorable!

McMommy said...

Oh that house looks sooo makes me feel right at home!

Your daughter looks great in her new glasses!