Friday, February 26, 2010

Birds & A Small Change

Since I've put the bird feeder up, we've been doing a little bird watching while doing school at the kitchen table.  (Just one of the advantages of homeschooling.)

Here are a few of our visitors from the other day.

I hope they don't all decide to come for a snack. 

Surprise visitor - I think my daughter got a hold of my camera.

The mojo is slowly returning.  My coffee table went from this:
(just keeping it real)

to this: 

Hopefully I can make a few more changes around here soon. 

Have a great weekend!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

Looks lovely-where are those candlesticks from? Love them...
and how neat to realize you homeschool-

Jodie said...

this was the first year I didn't go and get any bird seed for our feeder. I miss photographing the birds. Good job on clearing the coffee table off. What's next?

Darlene said...

You know I LOVE bird watching and your pictures are wonderful! Glad you are getting your mojo back!♥

Shannon said...

We put a bird feeder up last year too and it was so neat to see out the kitchen doors all the different birds.

Its So Very Cheri said...

I came over to let you know that my blog has moved and I would love it if you would come to the new site and RE-sign up to follow me there.

Mc Allen said...

yay, your mojo's back!! Now, can you help me find mine ;) Love this post~ those birds are cruisin your yard!! xoxo LA