Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Result: Fail

Many of you may have heard of a wonderful company of products called Burt's Bees.

We absolutely love these all natural products that just happened to be made by a company in our home state of North Carolina.

Well, last fall I discovered that they have a lip balm that has color in it.  I was sold instantly - my lips won't chap and will have a beautiful tint to them without using a heavy lipstick or gloss.

I decided to buy it immediately.

Loved it.  Used it all the time.

After a few days, I started to notice that my lips were starting to get this tingly feeling & feeling a little puffy and sore in some spots.  (nice description, I know).

At the time, we had a lot going on family wise. My step-father had passed away & we were at my mom's house and with everything going on, I didn't put two & two together and realize that my favorite new product was causing an allergic reaction.


Once I finally figured it out - I was in complete denial.  It can't be - I love this stuff.

So....I had to eventually cave in and stop using the product but every time I'd pass it in the stores, I'd be a little sad.

In the meantime, while I was still in the dark, I had also picked up another one of their products.  It's a little glossier but still wonderful. 
Fast forward to last week.  I was passing their cute little display and stopped to linger.  I can't possibly be allergic to their lip shimmer, I thought.  It must have been something else - maybe stress, or the moon, or something other than this lip balm.  I'll give it another try - my husband at this point is rolling his eyes and chuckling at my state of denial. 

So, I bought another tube.  Ahh, I do love this stuff, I thought as I put it on.  

A few hours later - uh, oh!

My lips failed the test.

I must, indeed, be allergic.  I almost cried tears of sadness - almost.  Then I remembered that I still have their Super Shiny lip gloss waiting for me at home.

I highly recommend that you try your own test & if you pass....I'll try not to be jealous.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I have tried it, and I like it too-(sorry!)Oh my-I wonder what you could be allergic to?


Darlene said...

Oh no so sorry something isn't agreeing with you in their lip balm. I absolutely LOVE their products and use several of the lip glosses, balms.♥

Jodie said...

Sad day. I LOVE my Burts Bees tinted lip balm!

wendy said...

I do love burts beeswax stuff! :) I use it a lot; however, my FAVORITE lip balm has got to be the neutrogena stuff. EVERYONE in my family loves it. :)

Glad you are well and the kids are well!

Shannon said...

I've never tried it but now I'm curious to see if I'm allergic too. :) So sorry you are since you love it so much!!