Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's a great day to be a kid or a dog.

When you're a kid, one of the best sights in the world to see is a yard full of snow.

Clean, white, fluffy snow.  Not that icy stuff we've been getting here in the Upstate of SC.

Well, it became a reality for a lot of children yesterday and I have to admit that even though I was fighting it with all my is pretty.

Thanks to basketball games and baseball evaluations being cancelled, this is what the kids have been doing all day.

The boys built their fort for the snowball fight.  It got pretty intense for a while but they had so much fun.

Chase loves the snow and stayed outside for hours watching the kids and playing soccer.

Now, this is what mom is left with.

What a great day to be a mom.  Cookies and hot chocolate are now being enjoyed by all.

Oh, I almost forgot to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
(I'm not a huge fan but I'm not a Valentine's Scrooge either, so enjoy.)


wendy said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I've really slacked on the snow pix, which is odd, because we've had SO MUCH SNOW this year. We're expecting more, actually.

Love your pix, as always!! :)

Shannon said...

Looks like fun! I was happy to stay in my warm house during our snow. :)

Darlene said...

Great snow pictures!!! It looks like a great time was had by everyone!

Jodie said...

Looks like they had a wonderful time! Murphy looks happy to be sitting in the window looking out at the cold, cold world!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Funny-Your title says how I feel about snow...Now Valentine's Day-I love-
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it was fantastic-

Screaming Meme said...

This post made me want to be a kid again...or a dog, for that matter...:) Your a great photographer! :) I love this post...It made my day!

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