Monday, July 5, 2010

Baseball Camp 2010

What a busy & fast summer this is becoming.

I looked at the calendar the other day and actually had to tell the kids that we only have FIVE weeks left.

FIVE?   5.    FIVE!

How can this be?

It's all too fast. Must slow down.

Ok, I've gotten control of myself - now on to one reason the summer is moving too quickly.

Every week is booked.  Last week it was baseball camp for my baseball addicted son.

He was able to go to one of the best camps around - Clemson University with coach Jack Leggett.

What a great week these boys had.  They learned a lot and it wasn't all about baseball.

Coach Leggett stresses three things: Academics, Attitude, & Athletics.

Here are a few pictures I was able to snap during all of the preparation & activities.

Four of the boys from their All-Star team went to camp. It was nice that they were all together.

B's on third where his best friend's playing. P was always telling his team members B's secrets about stealing bases.

This is how Miss G gets through most baseball activities.

Coach Leggett talking to the boys on the last day.
He had just come back from Omaha where they were one game away from going to the National Championship.

The boys really enjoyed their week away.
I think they learned a lot & are ready to head back next summer - now to put all of those new skills to work in our State tournament starting on July 17th.
Stay tuned.

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Darlene said...

I bet he had a blast at baseball camp. It sounds like it was a great one and I bet he WILL put all the new information to great use in the State Tournament!

Hope you are having a great Monday.♥