Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's continue this July baseball theme

Since I've only had ONE post this month and it's already the 24th....let's just continue on the same theme as my life lately - BASEBALL.

My son (and husband) are complete baseball fanatics, so they don't mind this way of life at all.

I have to admit - I'm a big fan, as well (especially when B is playing).

And he's been playing - A the SC Dixie Youth O-Zone State Tournament (I might add).

We were real proud of our team.  They were the runners-up in the District and did really well at State.

Here are some pictures for us to remember the journey:

The supportive sisters.

This is after we beat our District rivals & sent them packing.

This is the game we lost that sent us packing.

Win or lose everybody had a great time. 
Now we're heading into travel ball season and the boys (and girls) couldn't be happier.

Just thought I'd leave you with the beautiful scenery we came home to one afternoon.
The rainbow was too big for me to fit into one shot.

Hope your July has been great - can't believe we start school in a couple of weeks - yikes!


Rae said...

We have the same van!!! :) And what a beautiful rainbow! Way to go, B!!!

wendy said...

Glad B's team did so well. Have fun with travel ball...

Jodie said...

I hate busy summers,,,they go way to fast! Take some time and enjoy a cool glass of iced tea and slow down!