Monday, July 26, 2010

It's like thunder....lightnin'

Have you ever tried to photograph lightning?

I've tried a couple of times with no success. Usually, my arm gets tired of holding the camera and my eyes hurt from looking through the view finder because I don't have one of those fancy remote trigger thingy's.

Well, earlier this evening my daughter and I were spending some quality time outside rockin' on the front porch and a storm started to roll in.  I figured it would be a good time to give it another try, so inside I ran before it could blow away.

Sure enough, there was lots of lightning around for me to try to catch, but that stuff happens fast & I was usually too late.  When you're trying to capture lightning strikes, you end up with a lot of shots that look like this:

But, if you're just patient (not easy for me to do) and  prop your arm up and wait.....
some of your photos turn out like this:

I was so excited I finally was able to capture that powerful strike with my camera.  I didn't get as many as I'd like and I would have preferred it to have been a little darker outside but it was fun trying.  If my daughter didn't have to eat dinner I would have stayed out a bit longer. 

Next time you have a storm rolling in, run and grab your camera.


wendy said...

I have never tried to photograph lightening, but I will definitely try next time there is a storm! Great pix!

Ashley said...

Those pictures turned out awesome! I have yet to try photographing lightning, but monsoon season is in full swing here in Arizona...sorta :( so as soon as a REAL storm rolls on by I am headed out doors to capture a few moments! I also wanted to say I LOVE the rainbow picture in your previous post!

Darlene said...

I have never tried it but those are some NEAT pictures you captured!!! I definitely will try it next time!!!

Life is good! said...

beautiful photos! great job. patience paid off. good for you!

Marty said...

Patience is a virtue!! You captured some really great shots of mother nature.

Hope this finds you and the family well. I want to apologize...I was just browsing through old posts of mine and saw where you had left comments back in Dec., Oct., and even last June!! That was back when my blogging was few and far between I guess but I wanted to let you know I FINALLY saw the comments=))

Thanks and take care!

Jodie said...

Like they say, patience is a virtue! Glad you got some great shots!