Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas at ReeRee's

Well, I am glad to be home.  We had an extremely busy weekend going to North Carolina for our family Christmas visits of 2010.

I'll start out the recaps with our visit to my Aunt Rita's home in Swansboro, NC. I just love going down to the coast - it is always beautiful no matter what time of year. This year it was freezing but still pretty and I did brave the winds to go outside and snap a few pictures for you.

Here we go.....(picture overload).

The boys room - they have two grandsons & this is where they sleep when visiting.

The bathroom between these two bedrooms.

The other guest bedroom - this one faces the water. Beautiful views.

The landing of the main floor. Her home has three levels and you aren't supposed to have any living areas on the bottom floor in case of floods, however they did include a guest suite down there (which I forgot to photograph).

The stairs that are in the center of the house.

This is looking down on the entrance level - there is a fountain down there & I just love the water sounds.

The breakfast area off the kitchen and living room.

The wet bar.

The dining room.

The views - I know!

The landing on the third floor which is all master suite (ignore my posing daughter).

They have a little coffee area in their bedroom so they don't have to mosey downstairs for a while.

Our hosts posing with my mom.  I can't believe all those pictures and I forgot to get a good one of the living area and kitchen.  There was just too much going on, I guess.  Hope you enjoyed a look around. 

I'm off to rest up. 


Melanie said...

WOW! Absolutely gorgeous. I think the stairs and the view were my favorite things! Glad you had a good time.

Sarah said...

What a beautiful home! I love the coffee bar area in the bedroom; I might stay in bed all day.

Thanks for the congrats!