Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prayers for Noah

Today I write this entry asking for prayers for an eight year old little boy who is scheduled for brain surgery at Duke. His name is Noah, and he is the son of Rob's cousin. Last fall he was diagnosed with a rare form of Epilepsy know as Rasmussen Syndrome and the only way to stop the deterioration of his brain is to do a hemispherectomy. As of the last update I've heard, this is scheduled to occur tomorrow April 16th.

Please pray for the doctor's performing the surgery, his family in dealing with this emotional situation and that above all, God's will is done in this little boy's life. They will have a very hard road ahead of them and need all of the support and prayers they can get.

(Noah is the little boy in the middle between his great-grandparents.)

Thank you for keeping Noah & his family in your prayers.

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thats a great picture i wish i could get a picture like that of the family