Thursday, January 15, 2009


I told you I was back up & running.

And I was.

I still am.

However, I can't seem to locate the specific USB cord that goes with my camera.

Does anyone know what that means?

That's right.

I can't get any of the pictures that are currently stuck inside my camera posted onto my blog.

Never fear.

I have put my oldest child on the case.

Since it was last seen in his room, I have asked him to go on a search.

This could take a while.

But hopefully, I'll be able to show you what's been floating around in my head soon.

For now I think I'll make some hot chocolate, light the fireplace & try to stay warm.


southerninspiration said...

I fear the day something ever gets covered up in my child's room! It might become a fossil!!!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I love your plan # two ;) My daughter and a friend help me do everything on these computers/ cameras and all the electronic devices!

Windy said...

Can't wait to see!

Darlene said...

Oh no...I do hope you come up with it quickly!

Serah said...

Well, my camera is just plain dead. At least yours may be found! :)

Stay warm this weekend!