Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To stuff or not to stuff?

That is the question.

So, I'm watching Barefoot Contessa with Ina Garten one afternoon (ok, this afternoon) and she's preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for two.

She was using cornish hens instead of turkey (which I would never do for a Thanksgiving dinner) but it got me thinking.......

Do you stuff your turkey with dressing?


Do you put your stuffing in a separate dish?

Let me know how you do Thanksgiving dinner.

Forgot to mention - we have a separate dish

(I just don't like the thought of eating some of my food from the inside of a dead bird - that's just me.)


Darlene said...

Seperate dish. Number just doesn't seem like you could get enough stuffed into the bird. We LOVE stuffing and love it for leftovers.
Number 2..... I have heard that it is easily contaminated by not cooking it enough (or whatever???) or that it spoils easier?....something to that effect.

C! said...

My mom has always done both - and it was fine. When I did my first couple of Thanksgiving dinners I did it exactly like she did. Then I finally felt confident enough in the kitchen to do things my own way and now I prefer to put herbs and such in the bird for flavor & aroma and just make the stuffing in a separate dish - a big one - stuffing is my favorite and we only make it at Thanksgiving for some strange reason!

Shannon said...

I've actually never eaten a turkey that was already stuffed. :) our stuffing has always been in a side dish.

Shannon said...

Actually now that I'm pregnant I get weekly emails telling me just little tips and advice. This week it said that it is not safe for preg women to eat turkey that is stuffed because the stuffing doesn't get hot enough to cook all the way through and could contain bacteria. I thought that was interesting. :)

Jodie said...

Stuffing gets its very own dish on our Thanksgiving table here. My grandmother never stuffed the turkey, my mom didn't and I guess that's why I don't. To flavor the turkey I do stuff it with butter, onions, celery, salt and pepper though.

Sandy Toes said...

OH...I love Barefoot....she is so soothing when she talks!
sandy toe