Sunday, June 8, 2008

Whew, It's HOT!!

What's that old saying about it being hot enough to fry eggs? Well, I think we're there. I haven't actually broken out the egg carton yet, but that's only because I don't want to stay outside long enough to try it. We've been forcasted to be around 102 today.....and it's only June!

The kids have been trying anything they can to keep themselves occupied and cool. Here are some pics of them enjoying the slip-n-slide. Maybe it will cool me off just looking at them. We've also been doing the pool thing - I hope they don't get bored with that before school even gets out.
Let us know what you're doing to stay cool. I need some new ideas.

(Notice Chase trying to get in on the action.)
Ok - he says...enough is enough - it's the big dog's turn.

There's something about "Those Dog Days of Summer Spring".

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Wendi said...

I am right there with you sista!
The temperature on my car today was 105! (Ugh!) Too hot for the eighth of June! Too hot for any time of year really.

*Just stay inside. Do any activity that involves being inside with the AC.

How was the weekend with your husband? Was he able to come home?
I hope so. Hope the rest of your week is cooler!

Kellan said...

How cute - your dog likes to get/be wet just like our Buddy! My kids also love, love, love to play with water baloons - you might try those one day!

Have a good week - see you - Kellan

Jodie said...

Love the photo of Chase joining in on the fun with the kids. We're having a heat wave too, but a bit milder than yours. 95 degrees here in Southern Indiana. We've been to the mall and the library besides just staying inside the house in the good ol' AC! It's probably hotter in SC, so enjoy while you can. hehe

duchess said...

Jodie - the mall & library?? Very funny. I was looking for things we could do around here. (hehe)

McMommy said...

Love the pics! Slip n slide season is officially upon us!

Kristen said...

Oh the slip and slide does look like tons of fun!

Hope you are able to find lots of things to stay cool. When we lived in Phoenix and it was 115 we just never went out.

Reminds me why I don't want to move back there! :)

Hope the heat wave leaves soon!