Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rebel without a cause

I need HELP!

My house is rebelling against me.

I know it seems so hard to believe.

I try my best to love her.

I take care of her and decorate her.

I try my hardest to keep her reasonably clean and tidy.

Oh no, that must be it!

She's tired of looking cluttered and dusty.

That's the only reason I can think of for her to rebel against us all of a sudden.

Let me tell you all about her latest antics......

Well, it all started on Christmas Eve. Hubby and I were bringing in some things from the garage and then all of a sudden - BLAM! "What in the heck was that?" I say. "Ummm, the garage door." he says. So, we investigate the problem and apparently this spring/coil thingy is an important part of operating the door up and down.

Take a look:

Yep, my official diagnosis is.....It's Broken.

But, that's not all. Let's move on to Christmas Day.

We all got up to open gifts amid a torrential rain storm. That was ok. We enjoyed staying inside in front of the fireplace with all of our new loot. That is until I was in our bathroom and happened to notice some "water" in our bathtub. Hmmm. That doesn't look normal.

Yea, well I've since discovered that septic systems don't really like torrential rain storms.

It tends to fill them up. Completely.

That's really fun when you have out of town guests staying with you. Thankfully, it was just my mom and we survived until we could get the appropriate people out here to fix it.

Let's move on, shall we?

While we're discussing the potty. See the one above? Well, a couple of months ago, it sprang a leak. Not from the bottom but from the tank when it was refilling. It would be a pretty little fountain of spray that would come out and onto the wall. Lovely.

Let me ask a question. Does anyone know what happens to wood floors when they get wet?Anyone?

Right! They decide they want to buckle.

Here's a picture of it - you may not be able to see exactly what I'm talking about but trust me. It's buckled.

This is only a few of the problems that have developed around here lately. I won't give you stories with all of the following pictures but let's just say that something is wrong with each one.
We may even be able to make a game out of it.....you know - kind of like "Where's Waldo" or "What's Wrong with this Picture?"

Sorry for such a long post but trust me, it's much worse when it's on a to-do list. At least you can just read about it and go on with your life - I have to walk all the way out the front/back door to get to my car.
I've gotten so spoiled and lazy.


wendy said...

*sigh* The joys of home-ownership!! Hope all the fixes are quick and easy (except I already know the floor won't be!).

Darlene said...

OH NO...you better tell the house to shape up!!!! I hope none of the "fixes" are too costly :(

I would say hope your New Year is happy but I don't know if it is right now. It always seems like when one thing goes wrong, everything else wants to join the party. Hopefully NOTHING else will go astray!!!♥

T.J. said...

Wow! Hang in there, it can't possibly get worse, can it??!! Wait, don't answer that! Here's wishing the repairs come quick and cheap!

Jodie said...

Our garage door coil broke last winter. They had to order the part, took over a month to come in. In the meantime, they were able to patch it together. Sorry you're experiencing so many problems too! Funny we posting similar posts this week. We're two of a kind, huh! Are you getting snow tonight and tomorrow? Hope R isn't called out for any emergencies! D went North to be around his crews for the brunt of it.