Tuesday, July 1, 2008


There once was a little girl named Gracie,
and she really loved to shop.

For everyday she begged her mom
"Just let me get one little top?"

Until one day she heard her mom say,
"I'm sorry honey, not today. Do you think they just give this stuff away?"

She hung her head low and back home they went
And later at her drawing table, this little girl had an idea.

"I think I will draw me some money to spend at the store.
For surely mom can't object, she's always such a bore."

She brings it in and proudly states,
"Let's go shopping now, I have my own dough"

Her mom sadly rolls her eyes and says,
"On what tree does this money grow?"

She pulled it out and I finally saw what she had in her little mit,
My seven year old little girl was now a counterfeit!

Ok - it didn't really happen that way (exactly) but she did try to print her own money.

If it were just that simple!

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Kristen said...

too cute!

Let me know if she actually gets some, maybe you could send some to AZ?

I'm just sayin............


Rae said...

Oh my gracious! This was so creative and CUTE!! My Kenners is always begging to go to one little store and buy one little article of clothing! Summer sure is expensive!

Wendi said...

Oh Gracie how I love your creativity!

Can she print me off a few 100 sheets?

Kellan said...

Oh, how adorable - the drawing and the poem!

See you later - Kellan

Carol said...

I SO wish it were that easy to make some extra cash.

What a total sweetheart.

Shannon said...

Hilarious!! Happy B-day! :)

Kate said...

what a cute blog! thanks for visiting me!!

Nicole said...

Gotta love kids! Don't you love it when you tell them you don't have any money and they just say, "Well use your card." The money she drew is pretty cute though, you'll have to save it.

Jenny said...

This it too funny! Happy POW!

auds at barking mad said...

That's adorable and so very clever...both on Mommy's part (the poem is awesome!) and on daughter's for such ingenuity!

Found you through POW and look forward to coming back.

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

What a little criminal err genius you have!

Happy POW!

The White House said...

That is really cute, maybe you could use it to pay the bills? Happy POW!

Mamasphere said...

You have a smart one on your hands!

When I tell my daughter that we dn't have the money for something, she tells me to buy more!

Jodie said...

Clever little girl. You poem is just too cute Duchess!

McMommy said...

Gracie could probably make some serious cash in high school if she can figure out how to make good fake ids!! ha ha!!