Friday, July 11, 2008

Lions & Tigers & Bears, oh my!

Ok - there's not really any lions and tigers but we did have the bears.

Last night some friends had brought me a load of pinestraw and as we were unloading into the front yard our neighborhood police officer stopped by to tell us that...."Y'all might want to watch out. There's a black bear over on that fairway."

"Ummm.....a what?" we all say in unison.

He repeats, "There's a black bear roaming around on the golf course and I just wanted to make y'all aware."

"Ummm..Ok, thanks. We'll watch out for it."

So, needless to say, we hurried up with the pinestraw unloading while cautiously watching the hill in front of my house to see if the bear actually made it to the green. He must have lost his ball in the bunker or a water hazard because he didn't make it to the fourth hole.

The whole neighborhood was abuzz. We had to tell a few walkers to be on the lookout and a few looky-loos actually made their way down to the pond (in golf carts - like he can't catch them in those) where he had been reportedly spotted. The next person to enter the action was a photographer from the local newspaper zooming around the neighborhood trying to get a glimpse of the Moore County bear that has been making appearances for the last couple of weeks. (He usually likes to hang at the movie theater but I guess he wanted to play the front nine).

I kept waiting on my front porch armed with my camera hoping this elusive bear would stroll by. No such luck. The photo above is just one I downloaded. Oh well, knowing my luck he'll sneak up on me while I'm outside working in the yard.

Do y'all have any animal encounters that you'd like to share?
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Carol said...

Oh my goodness.

I'm glad the golfing kept him distracted!

The White House said...

How wild! I grew up in colorado, and when I was a newborn, there was a bear hanging around outside my bedroom window!

Chelle said...

How scary! I would have ran inside for cover, LOL! You are much braver than me :)

Happy POW!

Jenny said...

that is pretty scary. i think i would have waited on my porch for a pic too.
happy pow!

Mamasphere said...

I have a couple stories about bears that ended pretty badly, but a fun one was when we were in Alaska a few years ago. A bear was right outside the house going through the trash. My husband wanted to go outside to get a closer look, but my dad made him stay back while he stood at the door with a gun. It was the highlight of my husband's trip!

Kristen said...

Um yeah, Bears? No thank you!

Not much of a wild animal girl myself.

Pretty sure these Labradors are keeping me busy recently.

Hoping that you do get a great shot of the bear though. And too funny that he was out playing the front nine. Has anybody seen the beer cart girl recently??

McMommy said...

A BEAR?!?! In your neighborhood?! I would have run like the wind into the house!!

The only crazy animals we encounter in our neighborhood are iguanas. Yuck. Some of them are pretty to look at, but they still give me the chills.

Susan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
That is crazy! We had a similar incident while on vacation with an very large alligator on the fairway. The house we were renting was on the fairway and we watched the big guy surprise and interrupt quite a few golf games.

Wendi said...

Are you kidding me?
I would be running to SC!!!
Didn't you just have some wild coyotes or wolves or something recently?
When we get together one day, lets NOT meet at your house.