Thursday, July 10, 2008

How do I explain this?

Today Gracie happened to see a picture of Jamie Lynn Spears & her new baby on the computer. (It just happened to be while I was checking out the OK homepage but whatever.)

Up until this point I had managed to keep her delicate condition a secret from my Zoey 101 watching 7 year old impressionable daughter. She looks with interest because she loves anything having to do with a baby & says....."she looks a lot like Zoey....wait, that is Zoey. What's she doing with a baby?" Then she proceeds to read the captions and suddenly she knows. I then have to go into the whole..."no, she's not married honey" routine. "yes, she is only 17". I kind of make it through that part of the conversation without too much detail and we change the subject.

Well, of course my little busy body's not going to let it drop. Later in the afternoon while on our relaxing ride to gymnastics she asks about the baby again. With a roll of my eyes I suggest that maybe she should find another TV girl to watch. "But why, Mommy?" I reply, "She has made some bad decisions, honey, and I'd rather you not look up to her so much." (Thinking I had done alright with my answer.)

"She then says but I do that all the time."

"Ummm, what honey?"

"I make bad decisions all the time and L is still my friend."

(Momma mia!!) My 7 year old is too smart for me.

"You're right, sweetie, we do stick by our friends when they make bad decisions but....she's not really Zoey and Jamie Lynn is not our friend so JUST FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO LIKE ALREADY!"

I so wish we didn't have to have conversations like this. Anyone got any advice for when the subject comes up again (and it will)?

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Kristen said...

First of all, AI YI YI, I am now competely scared to raise a girl! I have no good advice but am interested to hear how this will all play out!

Secondly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new layout. Very southern Chic my friend! Love it! :)

Jen said...

This is such a sticky subject. I had always told my kids that you get married and then have babies. Then, lo and behold, my brother and his girlfriend are expecting. So you can imagine all the questions that I had to endure and dance around. Jamie Lynn is easier because you can kind of just forget her, but not when it is their uncle! :(

McMommy said...

Holy moly. I never thought about that...that moms would now have to have THAT conversation with their young daughters because Jamie Lynn's picture with her baby is all over.

I don' envy your position right now, friend! Hard stuff!

Wendi said...

I am with you.
I have no idea what to say.
Or do.
We should not be having THIS conversation now.
Why must the media sensationalize teen pregnancy?
She should be given NO publicity.
That would teach her.
Or not.
I would love to hear what you decide to tell her.