Monday, July 7, 2008

Move update:

Just a quick note to keep everyone posted on where we are in the relocation process.....

sitting still!!

We have gotten a couple of things accomplished:

Our house has been on the market for a couple of weeks (no showings, one broker open house).
Apparently real estate agents don't like red bedrooms, so we spent the weekend painting Bray's room a nice "neutral" color.

I have called and fussed at gently reminded our relocation specialist of our time constraints and her lack of concern for them.

Since then we have scheduled the moving co. to come by for their survey and with the help of an e-mail to hubby's company relo rep, we are working on getting the appraisal process started. (We need this information in order to purchase a home in the new location - kind of important.)

Our realtor in SC is tanning on some exotic island and won't be back until 7/12 (July 12th people!)

As of my last check, the SC board of education has not delayed the start of their 08-09 school year because of our circumstances. It is due to begin on 8/19 (August 19th people!).

I know that all of this will work out. I have complete faith that God is in control of our situation and He knows that I don't handle waiting well and is chuckling at my endevors to control things from here. I will just try to be content with the calm before the storm and keep house hunting online until our vacationing realtor comes back and the appraisers appear at my door.

Until later.....I hope you all have a great day.


Jodie said...

Well, I can feel your frustration. It's time for a new Relo counselor! Hope your house shows soon and sells fast too and that you find the new home of your dreams in SC! Keeping you in my prayers!

Kristen said...

Hang in there!

Situations that are out of my control about kill me too. Hoping that your appraisal comes in really high, so that when your tan agent gets back, Happy Shopping for you! :)

I love the updates!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you for leaving me a note! Very nice to meet you & I hope you'll come back often. I hope your house sells too.

Love your music!


Wendi said...

Thanks for the update!

I love red, gentle reminders and tan realtors.

Makes for good blog fodder.

Good luck.

Keep the faith!

Kellan said...

Yes, it will all work out - hang in there! Kellan

The Birds Nest said...

I hope the move starts to come along at a more rapid pace for you. I understand your pain with wanting to try to control everything, and realizing that we are not the ones in control. I just know you will love SC. Hope to meet you when you get here:)