Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Inspection Time

On Thursday we have a very important visitor stopping by.

Yep, it's the "Home Inspector".

I must spend the next two days cleaning, mopping, & making our house look brand new again so he won't have many things to write down on his list.

I also have to try to rearrange some things in the garage so he can get to the pull down stairs for the attic. (That might be a trick.)

Keep your fingers crossed that everything checks out ok. Our house is only three years old so if there is anything major - I might get a tad upset.

Sorry there's nothing more interesting to blog about, but around here....it's all about THE MOVE!


Wendi said...

Good. luck. with. that.

They always make me nervous.

Jennifer said...

Good luck with it.
I'm confused though it's being inspected BEFORE anyone has looked or made a offer on it?
We paid to have one done on the new place we're buying but if we hadn't it would not have been done.

duchess said...

It's very confusing, Jennifer!

When you deal with a move through a relo company & Rob's company does a buy-out option, they actually buy the house from us and then in turn sell it to the people who want to buy it or leave it on the market until it does sell.
So, before we can access our equity, they treat our house as any other buyer would (with inspections & appraisals).
Our home is supposed to be on the market 90 days before we get the buy-out, however his company will advance us 90% of our equity to go ahead to another house. (That's what we're waiting for now.)

Hope this clears it up.

Shannon said...

Good luck with that!

PS My husband would LOVE a tv over the fireplace! :)

Nicol said...

Hopefully it went well. With it being fairly new, you shouldn't have any problems. We sold our last house when it was about 3 years old and had no problems. We are looking at selling our current house which is 99 years old. There might be some problems.

Good Luck!

Susie Harris said...

Hope it all goes well for you and you get an A+++... Susie h~

Kristen said...

Fingers crossed, and if it counts, I totally love hearing about your move.

I actually think moving is fun!!

chelle's winks said...

hey...as I snopped around more in your blog...I see that ya'll are moving to SC...I'm in SC...if you don't mind me asking...what area are you moving?