Thursday, August 7, 2008

100th Post!

Yay! Today I'm celebrating my 100th post.

Because I couldn't think of anything to celebrate the very special #100 (that hasn't already been done) I thought I might somehow tie it into my favorite

So, I was thinking....if I had $1 for every post that I'd ever done, obviously, I'd have $100. What could I possibly buy for $100?? Ummm.

Maybe I could get some shoes.
Maybe a really great haircut or a day at the spa.
(Nah - I really hate spas - didn't know that about me did you?)
Maybe I'd buy $100 worth of books.
I'd probably go to some antique stores & get lots of good stuff to go in the new house.

Let's play a game. If I could give you $100 - what would you buy?

I can't wait to read everyone's answers - be sure to leave one.
(Sorry I can't really give you $100 - I'm no Pioneer Woman.)
Thanks for playing & for coming back for more. Who would've guessed......100 posts??


wendy said...

First off, I'm LMAO at the song playing because I *just* posted about football on my blog and that is the title! Great minds! :)

Now - if I had an "extra $100" (as if that somehow existed), I would be selfish as all getout and spend it on ME! I think a spa day would be perfect...I haven't been to the spa in over a year and I miss that!

Rae said...

Wow! This is really hard! Harder than I thought it would be. I think I would take the $100 and put it towards the perfect pair of designer jeans. I haven't had a pair like that in about 10 years! At this phase in my life my jeans usually come from Target or Old Navy!

Congrats on your 100th post!!!

McMommy said...

Oohh! I would love $100 bucks.

I would put it towards a vacation for McDaddy and I sans kids.

We need a break!! (we love them but just a small weekend break would be great.)

Kristen said...

Well, had I known I would come across $100, I for sure would have put it towards my new antique piece that I just bought Monday. Then it would have taken me less than 2 seconds to decide to buy it!!

And you don't like spas?? Really? Someone with the name of duchess, doesn't like spas?? This has me intriqued.

Hooked on Houses said...

Congratulations! The 100th post is quite a milestone in the blogging world. A lot of people don't make it half that far.

If I had $100 lying around, I'd buy something for my house. I just can't decide what. I have such a long list of things that I want for it! Maybe some new accessories for my dining room, which we're redecorating. -Julia

Kimba said...

I'm just giddy. Someone mistaked me for Pioneer Woman. Even if just for a second. ;-)

If I had an extra $100 I would take my hubby out for a wonderful dinner. Just the two of us. We really need a date night.

chelle's winks said...

Great choice on the house...I have been meaning to check back with you. Good Luck with your's going to be a busy time for you with school starting the next! Hope ya'll get settled soon and love your new home and NC....

100.00....well I would have to spend it on my husband somehow...he works so hard, he needs a nice break...and I would also add a couple of my 100.00's to it and do something big! lol...

Jodie said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!! This would probably be my 100th comment on your blog then, hehe!

Anyway, if I had a $100 bucks I would probably invest in another new lens for my camera.
Pay someone to answer Dennis' phone all day and give him a real day off!!!

Kellan said...

Happy 100th!

If you gave me $100, I would probably buy some clothes - I love buying clothes.

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Jennifer said...

Right now if someone handed me $100 I'd spend it on the new house, either new linens, accessories, bath towels & accessories, you get the idea. I do hope to get this stuff but that extra $100 might mean I get it sooner LOL!!

Shannon said...

Congrats on your 100th post. I have about 20 more to go. Let's see...if I had $100 I would probably (obviously) go shopping but maybe for clothes since I never do that!

We were never allowed to do Halloween anything when we were little so it drives my mom crazy when I buy Halloween-y stuff. :) I just think it is cute and only buy the non-scary cute stuff. :)

cancersucks said...

I would donate the money to our LIVESTRONG team (you know I am having dinner with Lance Armstrong in 2 weeks) or I would donate to my belove Gilda's Club.

kari and kijsa said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We are comforted by every comment and thankful for the support found in the blogging community.

Your words were a blessings to us during these past few weeks.

kari & kijsa

Carol said...

Spa Day!



Wendi said...

Oh Duchess!
If only I had known.
I would have waited to post with you too.
Congratulations on 100!!!
If I had an extra $100, I think I would use it and go on a little date night with Chad.