Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Panthers Training Camp

We did more than just look at houses and sign papers while we were gone. We were lucky enough to get to go to the Carolina Panthers Training Camp at Wofford College one day last week. We all had a great time (ok, except Gracie). My camera & I had a wonderful time so I thought I'd share a few of my shots with you. Enjoy......

There's Jake Delhomme - QB.

I just love this shot.

Not sure if you've heard about the fight that Steve Smith had where he broke his teammates nose - I caught a little of it. He's been suspended for a couple of games & fined.

Not only did we come away with a great day of watching professional football players doing their thing, but Bray actually was able to get three more autographs to add to his football.

Thanks, Panthers for being nice to the kids.

Ok - that's all I'll bore you with for today, although there are lots more to share.


Jodie said...

Those are some really good photos Duchess. Looks like a wonderful day. Glad B got some autographs too. Now cut to the chase and upload those house pics for us all to see already!!! The suspense is killing me.

McMommy said...

Oh, those were great pics! I felt like I was RIGHT there! Seriously, were you right on the sidelines or what??

Susie Harris said...

Good for you on finding your house. It sounds beautiful and big! I cant wait to see pictures of it. I know yall will be so glad when the move is over and you can get settled. Susie h~