Thursday, August 28, 2008

We have a problem.

As many of you know, we've just moved into a new (ok, new to us) house.

The main pre-requisite from our children about new house when we were out looking was that it absolutely, positively had to have stairs.

That was their only requirement.

Stairs. (With lots of rooms up top, not just a bonus.)
That last request was the girl's.

So, being the intelligent parents that we are, we looked at all of our options and realized the advantages of having the children upstairs (Especially as they head toward their teen years with rapid speed.) and purchased a house that did indeed have stairs.

Now to get to the problem.....G is scared to sleep upstairs.
Huh? But you're the one who petitioned for these stairs.

She did well at first, but for some reason this last week she has been coming downstairs to our room every night.
She has trouble going to bed and gets up & down about 10 times before falling asleep.

She's not up there alone. Her brother is in the next room down.

I've tried letting her fall asleep to music.
Not working.

Last night, I even tried to let her camp out in her brother's room just to get used to being up there.
Didn't work.

This morning, she didn't even want to go up alone to brush her teeth! Ugh.
After some fussing encouraging on my part, she did get this task accomplished alone.

Any tips or hints for us to try?

I'm really tired of getting pushed off my own bed.


Susie Harris said...

I have a 8 year old on the floor on my side of the bed most mornings. She keeps a sleeping bag under our bed so she can just climd in it during the night...ARGH!!! When do they outgrow this stuff. I dont want to hurry up her sweet years but by golly... A little time alone would be nice. I would give you some great advise if I only had some. Sorry to hear that you are feeling my pain too! One day.....

chelle said...

That's a tough one...this isn't going to help 7 year old is just learning to sleep all night with no problems...he's always been real clingy and scary...don't know why...I don't let him watch scary tv...

I'm sure it will work out soon..prolly just a new house and all???good luck!

wendy said...

No advice except that is one reason we always have had houses where we sleep on the same level as the kids!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

I am sorry to hear she is scared. My son wants us to have a two story..we have a one story now..he went through a bit of that last yr. He is 10 now. I just let him go through it and after awhile he was was just a phase. I am sure she will get use to it once she is settled in. I scanned thorough some of your blog and love your passion. I too have fallen in love with the Ikea Eltorp...I love that you can affordably by the slipcovers..and from what I hear from othe rfellow bloggers that have them...they are comfy and made well. Love your blog. cherry

Wendi said... that is a problem!
I. got. nothing.
We still play musical beds every night.
I guess my advice would have to be...don't do what we are doing.

Serah said...

Good luck! Maybe it will just take a few weeks (or months). Do they like their new town?

Kendra said...

My oldest refused to sleep by himself when he was little. He just loves to have someone with him. He broke around 4 1/2 but still to this day he would rather be in my bed or in with one of his siblings. Good luck. I know it can be rough! :)

I am so thrilled w/McCain's VP choice. I love this lady and the more I read about her the more I like her. I think it was a great move on his part. Maybe it will bring in some of the Hillary voters that refuse to vote for Obama. Plus it should get the evangelistic christians out voting! I am genuinely excited about this campaign now! How 'bout you???

Have a fabulous weekend. :)

The Berry's Patch said...

My kids also wanted stairs. I should have drawn up a contract that said "if we buy a house with stairs, each child will take turns vacuuming them".

It can be frustrating when the kids don't sleep in their rooms. After all it's prime real estate that's not being used. Unfortunately I don't have a solutions. I have the same problem right now with my 9 year old. Except he was bitten by a scorpion so that's why he wants to sleep in our room. I'm sure it will work out soon for the both of us. :-)

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Bless her heart! Just give her time, maybe the move and having you and dad "so far away," will take a little getting use to. Good luck! :)

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Kellan said...

Oh - I would probably allow lights to stay on - toys in the bed - whatever the request to keep my gilr upstairs. Good luck! Have a good weekend - Kellan