Monday, September 22, 2008

Another confession & a game of You're It!

I know what I'm about to tell you is probably going to shock you but.......

I had never been to a Garden Ridge store!
(Until last Friday.)
I know.
I must have lived under a rock.
It was magical.
Walking in & seeing all of the choices in home decor, furniture & lamps.
My house is going to love my new discovery.
My banking account probably not so much.
Now for the You're It portion of today's post:
I've been tagged by Darlene over at Darlene's Days to play Six Random Things About Me.
If you've never stopped by Darlene's place, go over & say "hi", she's always
got lots of good ideas to pass along.
Let's see.....6 random things about me......
(this is difficult)
1. My favorite food is a potato (any which way is fine).
2. I was a dancer from age 7 - 18 and once was able to do a costume catalog.
(That was a long time ago!)
3. My husband & I have been together since we were 16.
4. I don't swim. (Can't, won't don' doesn't happen.)
5. I have a thing about hearts, purple, butterfly's, unicorns & rainbows.
(I really don't like any of them - no offense.)
6. I wanted to be on Broadway (when I was young & delusional).
Ok, that's it for it's your turn.
Anyone who wants to participate is now officially tagged.
Have fun.


Michelle said... are gonna love Garden Ridge...we don't have one and I think the closest is in Charlotte:(
I've spent many hours in that one!

Darlene said...

I can't BELIEVE you have never been to a Garden Ridge...OMG!!! I haven't been in a long time because there is not one close by. I can't wait to see what you bought!!!

I LOVED learning a bit more about you!! I think you should show us the picture from the costume catalog...oh come on, show us...heehee My husband and I have been together since I was 15...a long, long time.

I also don't faint...for the first it comes....a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yep, I think that could go on my Fall favorites now...though I just can't hardly bring myself to pay those prices for coffee.

Hope you are having a great first day of Fall!!!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I'm with you on number 1 (potato's) I love them and number 5 I do not like any of that stuff in my home-But do love seeing a rainbow after the rain and I put a heart behind my name to show love/kindness when I blog. Other then that-Totally agree with you!
Happy First Day Of Fall,

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What a great post. How sweet that you and hubby have been an item since you were 16---Loved That!!
: )

wendy said...

I have never heard of this store. Do they have a website? (Duh - I suppose I can check that for myself!)

I had NO idea you don't swim. Fascinating. I was on a swimteam for YEARS! LOL!

Shannon said...

Isn't Garden Ridge the best?!? I wish we had one in our town.

I am doing this tag in a couple of days and I think my #1 thing is I HATE potatoes! :)

Marie said...

I've never been to a Garden Ridge until a few months ago. I never knew it existed until I moved to GA and kept seeing commercials for it on tv. I knew I had to see it with my own eyes. :o)

Kellan said...

I love Garden Ridge! I also love potatoes and would probably say they are my favorite food too - YUM!

Take care - Kellan

Chelle said...

Oh, Garden Ridge...I really miss that store!

And loved reading more about you...I always wanted to be a dancer. Maybe Isabella will become one....

Kristen said...

Are you ready for this, I have never even heard of Garden Ridge. Must be a Southern thing, as I have never in almost 10 years of living in the southwest seen or heard of one.

Just wanted you to feel better and know that you weren't truly the last one on earth. Clearly, I am! :)

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

What a fun post! That's crazy about Garden Ridge...I don't get over there that often, but I have found some great things in that store!

I, too - LOVE potatoes.

Susie Harris said...

Oh I wish I had time to play but I guess my family needs to eat...shame on them , hehe!

Ms. Tee said...

I've never been to a Garden Ridge store, either. Maybe that's a good thing! :)

Wendi said...

Boy do I feel dumb.
I have never even heard of Garden Ridge.
What the..
I enjoyed this little "speed dating" session.
It is always fun to learn more about you.
And what do you know...we have even more in common.
#2, 3 and especially #5!