Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Here is just one of many reasons I'm not real fond of yard work.

I found him while I was trimming up some of the bushes out front.


I'm not a big fan of anything with more than four legs & less than two, so needless to say - I left his limb alone. It looks like something got ahold of his other limbs, though. I think one side of his front legs were missing.

At least it gave me something to take pictures of.
Maybe I could get him to move to the front porch for Halloween night.....nah, I couldn't handle that.


Rae said...

Oh yuck! I found a really big really icky spider today too. It had made a web from my umbrella to the deck rail. At least I saw him and he wasn't hiding in the grass!

Darlene said...

EWWWWW...I hate spiders!!!!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Yuck! At least you were brave enough to take a photo...I was cleaning our basement last week and came across a freaky looking spider that I wasn't about to get near enough to photograph, blog or no blog!

southerninspiration said...

Oh, my he IS ugly....and I don't like them either. Thanks for posting your funny comment on my blog!!! It's true, isn't it???

The Berry's Patch said...

Now I'm going to have nightmares. :-(

Our Blessed Family said...

Oh that is gross! I hate spiders! Thanks for the anniversary wishes and for stopping by my blog!!

Shannon said...


Jodie said...

Hate spiders!! But oddly enough I love to take pictures of them, especially building their webs. Thank goodness for telephoto lenses! I'll go dig mine out and post them on my blog, I just took a few the other day.

Jen r. said...

yuk yuk yuk.. we have had so many spider bites this year! We had one of those in our garden last year. I guess they are a type of orb weaver... We had to let him be because the kids loved it.. my thought was unless it was going to spell out "stupendous".. it had to go!

Wendi said...

I. can. not. imagine.
I would have run back inside and called it a day!
Good for you for taking photos.
Me...I would have called the exterminator.

Serah said...

I found one of those on my fence yesterday! I swear, it was the biggest spider I've ever seen in my life. Sorry to say, but I promptly killed him.