Friday, September 5, 2008

Gymnastics Begins

As many of you know, my little princess just absolutely flips for gymnastics. (Pardon the pun.)

Since we've been in the new location she's had to do without her weekly fix of jumping, twirling, and bouncing. We went to visit one gym and she was going to be evaluated but then she had her biking accident and wanted to postpone it. So, we did.

Well, since she's all healed, we decided to take a look at our other gym option and they are the only one who actually offered to let her workout with their team. We put her on the schedule and got to go yesterday. She was so excited.

Just to give you a little background...she had made it onto the competition team (level 3) at our old gym but never got the chance to compete. Now, at this new gym, they start their students out competing at level 2 and let me tell you they are some strong little five year olds.

The whole atmosphere was a little different. Just watching the girls out there practicing - they are a lot more strict here and a little bit further along than what we were used to. The girls are expected to walk the "competition walk" even to get water. Their form is expected to be correct all the time - even just warming up (which she wasn't used to). Did I mention that the owners of this new gym are from Russia and actually coached an Olympic athlete?? I may have left that part out.

After the class I spoke with the coach (not the Russian lady) & asked her about G. She goes..."um, yea I guess I can work with her. Level 3 will be ok but she may need a private lesson or two to get the routine down but I can work with her."

Umm....gee, ya think? Don't put yourself out or nothin'.

I personally thought G was pretty good at gymnastics (and she is) but she just hasn't been instructed on all of the things that they've already had. So....I guess her work has begun because she has to go 3 days a week for two hour sessions.

Man, B and I are really gonna hate that.


chelle said...

Kids catch on fast so I'm sure she'll get the hang of the "new ways" they just can't let a kid be a kid...jeez...

The Berry's Patch said...

We did the gymnastics thing for years. Your daughter will catch up with the others in no time. Have a great weekend. :-)

Jennifer said...

I bet she is goign to be TIRED & SORE for a few days!!
But she'll catch on quickly and love it I bet!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Good luck to her! I love all your Fall touches....yummy. cherry

Kellan said...

Hope she loves it! Alexis takes too, but we haven't started for the fall yet.

Have a good weekend - Kellan

wendy said...

Wow - I'm sure she'll catch on quickly but I hope we don't fall in the same boat!

The gym is not the same without you!

Wendi said...

Um, yeah.
Good. luck. with. that.
She will be fine.

You might want to base your decision on which gym has wireless feed (wifi)so you can get in a few hours of blogging time in the parking lot.
I'm just saying.

southerninspiration said...

Oh, I remember gymnastics days well. We were up to nine hours a week, and daughter said "enough, I'd rather have a social life!" She got to level seven.....good luck to your little flipper!