Monday, September 1, 2008

Weather Woes

What a wild world we live in!

These storms out in the Atlantic just give us a small view of how powerful God truly is.

I pray that everyone in the path of Gustav has found a safe place to ride out the storm and when they return to their homes, they find little damage.

With that being anyone paying attention to Hannah?

She's still out there just churning away and based on this graphic I just downloaded from the National Hurricane Center.....headed straight for the southeast. (Wait....that's us!)

I hope we'll hear more as it gets closer and I also pray that all of those other areas I see further out don't actually turn into hurricanes.

Happy Labor Day everyone.

Update: As of today's forecast, 9/3/08, Tropical Storm Hannah may only brush the coast of SC. We will pray that the storm doesn't strengthen anymore and that the ones who are in her path don't have too much damage.


Marie said...

Hmm. Yeah. Hanna has me a little worried too. We are very, very close to the projected path of Hanna. Scary.

chelle said...

Yes...Hanna is looking scary! We are 1 hr. away from the beach!

Kristen said...

Be safe!!!

I am slightly thankful to be living in the mountains of the southwest even if it did snow on Memorial day this year!

Praying Hanna goes back out to sea......

wendy said...

nice to know my weather obsession is not all that uncommon! :)

((hugs)) Miss you!

Jodie said...

I'll be thinking of you!

Jennifer said...

Yes I'm paying attention to Hanna too, we're sure to get rain from her.

BUT more importantly I'm paying attention to Ike and the one(s) behind him, they need to go away ;0)

We're supposed to leave to Florida on the 13th or 14th, in WDW the 15th -19th and we do NOT need a storm to mess with our vacation!! ACK!!

STAY SAFE if any head your way!

Wendi said...

Thanks for the prayers.
I think we were all spared what could have been a horrible storm.
The tropics are quite busy these days.
I will be glad when Hurricane season is over!