Friday, May 9, 2008 sweet.

One reason I just love spring is the renewal of life. Everything is sort of reborn, the trees, the flowers and all of the new little bird families. Well, every year we have these house finches (ok maybe they're not the exact same birds) that make their home in our ferns. This year was no different - I got the plants up about a month ago and have been watching this little family come to life. I've tried to document it for you step by step. I'll go ahead & apologize for the quality of the pictures but it's very hard to catch them at home so I had to take a lot of the shots thru my office window. Hope you enjoy seeing our little adopted family.

When they first built their nest.

Mommy & Daddy to be.

Sorry the picture's blurry - it's hard to get a clear shot they've got it so deep in the fern.
It looks like we're expecting 4 little ones.

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Wendi said... sweet is right! I have killed a few ferns because I chose not to water them due to the bird nest inside.
Yay for spring... we had a little shower of rain this morning and all the grass, trees, and flowers look so beautiful right now!
What a great idea to document the little bird family.
Happy Mother's Day!!!

McMommy said...

I couldn't think of a sweeter picture to bring in Mother's Day weekend...than the one you took of the 4 little eggs in the nest!!!

Happy Mother's Day, Duchess! You are fabulous!