Saturday, May 24, 2008

Time Travel

The official kick-off to summer has arrived - Memorial Day. Yea! As we're celebrating having the day off from work & school, grilling those hot dogs & hamburgers, relaxing on the beaches or swimming in the pools let's not forget what this holiday weekend is all about and say a big "Thank You" to our soldiers and say a prayer of thanks for those who gave their all for our freedom.
Unfortunately, we won't be lying on any beach this weekend but we will be traveling back in time to the day when there was no internet to surf, no DVR to record favorite shows, and no game systems in sight. "Where in the world is this magical place?" you ask?
It's my parents house!
I know. I still can't believe that in this day & time, they won't break down and get a computer that's capable of going online and that the TV in the "kids" bedroom has to use Oh, the horrors! The children might actually have to talk to each other to play. Ummmm....maybe this magical place might not be so bad after all.
I'll update you when we return on Monday. Until then, ladies I will be incommunicado for a while but I wish you the best this holiday weekend.

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Wendi said...

Have a wonderful time at your parents home.
I think I should shut off the computer, turn off the tv, take the batteries out of the cell phones and go back in time too. We all need a break from all of it once in a while. Enjoy your techno-free weekend.
Happy Memorial Day!!!

Kristen said...

Have a wonderful weekend at a place of serenity!

Sounds wonderful to me.

And thanks for the reminder for the reason for the weekend. I more than agree!

Jodie said...

Have a wonderful weekend traveling back in time!

McMommy said...

I laughed out loud when you revealed the magical place to be your parents' house!!!

Hope you have a fun time!