Monday, May 12, 2008

End of school?

Well, here we are another weekend down and ready to face all that's headed our way this week. I'm looking at my calendar and I realize that the kids only have 21 days of school left - oh yeah, the fun part of the year is here. Days of goofing off in class, watching movies, field days, class parties. You get the picture. So, please, will someone tell me: Why is school such a nightmare right now? The kids are getting drilled in preparation for the EOG's (end of grade tests), we have 2 projects due (one research paper and one he has to build a lighthouse. That works!) Not only is all of that going on but all of a sudden the PTA has decided to do all of these projects at the end of the year, Student Talent Show, Fun Friday, and Fifth Grade Graduation and the all important End of the Year Meeting with voting for next year's officers. I'm pooped & I've not even begun to work on any of these things. I think I'm just procrastinating. I'm really good at that.

Outside of school this week we have baseball games and Saturday is a very important day for our little princess. It is tryout day for the gymnastic's competition team & she is so excited that she can hardly sit still. Hopefully that will go well & hopefully we can win some baseball games. That has not been going so well (even though Bray's been doing a good job).

Well, procrastination time is over. I have a load (or 5) of clothes to wash, floors to clean and a dishwasher to load. Hope your day is off to a good start and if you happen to know anything at all about the illusive platypus please let me know (apparently that's what the research paper is about).

Take care & let me know what you're up to - misery loves company.

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McMommy said...

WOW. A lighthouse...THAT WORKS??!! Ohhhh, I'm glad Matty still has a few years before those kinds of assignments kick in...don't be surprised if a pro like yourself gets a call from a newbie like me one day! (Please Duchess! I'll pay twenty bucks for the lighthouse!!)

hee hee

Kristen said...

Oh the dreaded end of school year. I don't have school age ones yet, but as a former teacher for 8 years, I can tell you that they are loading the kids up to try and keep them focused. Doesn't make any sense. But, the kiddos are probably going crazy in school too, and the only way teachers think they can keep them focused is to make them do 900 things in 2 weeks. I know I know, doesn't make much sense. I'm not saying there is always logic to teacher thinking! :)

Hope you survive all that you have planned right now. And hope the little princess does well at gymnastics! How fun!!

Hang in there!

Wendi said...

I. feel. your. pain.
I am living it too.
Our latest project?
A math assignment that involves making a board game. That is right... making a board game. Create tokens, cards, moving pieces... the whole nine yards. The catch? Nothing can come from the internet. No downloads.
Another assignment? A book report that was to be done on a cereal box. All sides covered. All information presented on a cereal box. Huh? The catch? No internet.
I think all of these end-of year-projects are just to keep us "mommies" on our toes. They are really OUR assignments- right?
We are also juggling baseball, softball, and dance. HELP! I am in need of a vacation!!!