Saturday, May 3, 2008

Derby Day!

(ok - so it's not a Derby picture but it will have to do.)
Well, ladies (and gentlemen), it's time to don your favorite hat, grab a mint julep and sing My Old Kentucky Home. That's right - it's Derby Day. As someone who lived in Louisville for a while when we were first married, I just love the first Saturday in May. The whole week leading up to the Derby is filled with fun. From hot air balloons to concerts to the best fireworks show I've ever seen. It's this day in particular that makes me miss that wonderful town. Since this year we're not having a Derby party, I guess I'll have to settle for watching in HD on TV and just pretend that I'm sitting there on Millionaire's Row (right!). Maybe if I turn the volume up really loud and drink enough mint juleps it might feel real.
So, don't forget to take sometime this afternoon and enjoy watching the Run for the Roses.
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McMommy said...

McDaddy and I watched!! Whoa, Big Brown!!

But ohhhh...Eight Belles. That was the SADDEST news ever. I wanted to cry!!

Kendra said...

I have never seen the Derby before! Crazy, uh?

Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ Hope you'll be back!
We are voting this week too! Can't wait ~ Operation Chaos ~ I'll be voting Hillary. :) lol