Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things I've learned this week.

I was reading the other day and she had a post of random thoughts that she had discovered during the week. So, I thought about it and decided to borrow her idea (thanks, Wendi) and do my own post of random things that I have learned this week, so here we go:

  • I don't know how to link with a word instead of the http address.
  • You shouldn't assume a glass of clear liquid left on the table in the living room is water.
  • You shouldn't water a plant with Sprite left on the table in the living room.
  • My son is old enough to be dropped off a the movies with friends and their older brothers.
  • I'm not old enough to have a son who can be dropped off at the movies with friends.
  • Dust bunnies can hide anywhere.
  • My daughter is a very determined and hard-working little girl.
  • My hard-working, determined little girl has made the competition team at gymnastics.
  • The Bodie Island lighthouse was believed to have gotten it's name from all of the bodies that washed ashore from ship wrecks.
  • I'm going through blogging withdrawals.
  • That I can be ill-tempered and have no patience. (No....I already knew this.)
  • That I was ready for summer weather until I was working outside (sitting by the pool) on a 90 degree day.
  • That I don't know how to mark through words on a post.
  • That my children have much more active social lives than I do.
  • That I need a vacation (soon)!

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Rachael said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Just hopped over to yours and love it . . . I'll definitely be back for more.

Oh, and if you find out how to cross out words, let me know!

Andie said...

Love the polka dots! Thanks for stopping by. I do know how to make the one word links, but let me know if you solve the cross out mystery. There is an icon just like the picture adding icon... click on the one that looks like glasses after you highlight the word you want to use. It will bring up your options. Make sense?

Kellan said...

Congrats to your little girl - WOO HOO!!

Hope you are having a good weekend - see you soon - Kellan

Wendi said...

You learned a lot this week!
I learned a lot from this post. Have you been able to get to SC yet? I wasn't sure.

I can help you with the "link" issue AND I can help you learn to cross out words. It will cost you though-BIG! ( I will email you the "secret" information)

BC said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say hello! Where in NC are you? I love your blog's gorgeous!