Monday, May 26, 2008

How much are you payin'?

The kids and I are back from our travels and I must say that we did have a nice trip.
We got to see the newest family member, Ava, who was born in March. (She's a cutie.)
We saw her Papa, Uncle Bookie, who just came home from the hospital and we got to help my niece, Alex, celebrate her 13th birthday.
Overall, it was a very relaxing trip back to my hometown.
Now for the downer......I had to pay $3.88 for a gallon of gas to do it!
I just hate this. I guess I could consider that a bargain since I did see some prices up to $3.94, but come on. It's crazy!!!
So, tell much are you payin'?

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McMommy said...

seriously...I can't even look at the price anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach. Do you remember when it was 99 cents a gallon??!! I used to be able to fill my little car up for 13 bucks!

Glad you had a great trip!

Wendi said...

Glad you had a nice time back home!
The gas prices are a downer for sure!
I paid $3.95p/gal. when I filled up on Friday...yikes!
I drove to Smithfield for a little shopping today and found it for $3.87 on the way home. Pathetic!
The gas prices are definitely going to put a damper on my summer plans!

thepreppyprincess said...

Believe it or not...we were excited to find it at...drum roll please..."Oh look, its only $4.08 here!" "Here" being in the greater Detroit area where we were visiting. How pathetic is that?
TP :-)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

OMG I am moving south!! That's a steal compared to my $4.07 for regular!! The state of NY is crazy high though. Like top 3 I think. How special really! I remember driving through Chicago in 2000 and it was $3 and I was falling over thinking that was so crazy high. Those were the days I guess!!

Jodie said...

$3.94 here in So. Indiana, sigh! The good news is my grocery store runs bonus buys where you get gas savings at their pumps. I usually get about a 15 cents break per gallon coupon each time I shop. Last week I saved 23 cents a gallon. Wahooo!

Rae said...

Hi! Found you through Rachael. We're paying $4.20/gallon. Sigh......