Friday, May 16, 2008

Here's a Hint

Everyone's been wondering where exactly we're headed, so here's a little hint.

(Sorry McMommy but it's not that far south.)

Thanks for all the well-wishes and support. We definitely have a busy time ahead of us and I'm sure you'll be sick of hearing about it by the time we're done.
I'm just glad that now I'll be able to get some of those
cute purses and accessories with the SC logo on them.

Take care,

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Wendi said...

I already know your secret!
I am excited for you.
Fresh starts are always the best.
Happy Packing!

* I enjoyed your emails yesterday.
Again, small world!

Serah said...

Don't forget the sticker for your car and the flipflops!

Serah said...

Don't forget the sticker for your car!

Kristen said...

Oh how fun!

Happy Packing is right! Not that you are moving to Charlestown, but it is one of my ALL time favorite cities.

What a fun new chapter to your life. :)

Kristen said...

I am retarded and obviously meant Charleston. Sorry for my spelling error! :) I blush!

duchess said...

That's alright...we all knew what you meant. heehee

Lisa said...

Hey! I'm new from Kristen's site. We used to live in NC, now live in Iowa, but are going to Foley Beach next week with my Hubby's whole fam. His parents are celebrating 40 years of wedded bliss - any good restaurant recommendations?

Lisa said...

PS - Good luck with the crazy quick move - wowzers!

McMommy said...

Ok, I'm pouting that you aren't moving FARTHER down south....but at least we always have our blogosphere to make it SEEM like we are closer!! :)